About Me

My name is Nate LaBelle and I am a professional in customer advocate/ customer success/ sales, an expert parent and husband, and a Christian with a serious interest in communication technologies impacting how we live, work and play.

Technologies that have recently peaked my interest include multiple domains of communication infrastructure (both in wired and wireless) like routers/switches, VMs and cloud, security, and automation.

I am passionate about learning and sharing what I’ve learned:

  • how to operate and apply these technologies to improve life for people wherever they are,
  • how to secure them so the people with bad intentions can’t easily impact others,
  • how to automate them to improve consistency and efficiency,
  • how to parent,
  • how to “Dad”, and
  • how to “Husband”

My aim is to learn/interact with others who are passionate about similar topics and share what I can about the things I am good at to hopefully help others in their journeys through life (to include marriage/parenting /technology- and the intersection of them all)

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